Jeanie Aprïlle Tang
SOUND. editing. design.     

noise REduction + Sound Editing for interviews

Extracted audio from provided video recordings
Performed overall noise reduction
Equalized voice to blend in with environment
Kadist, Paris
2013 - 2015

Sound TO  VISUAL COllaborations

Sound design and composition in collaboration with French visual artist Shanta Rao for gallery space
Studied image, material, and artist's process during studio visit
A sonic depiction of motions and texture

Shanta Rao
Untitled, 2012
silkscreen on MDF board, 111 x 86 cm - 55.1 x 44.1 in.
ESADHaR, Rouen, France Rouen

Jeanie-Aprille Tang
Apophis, 2015
composition for Shanta Rao, duration 5:11

SOund and Voice in Compositions 

Composing, recording, editing, mixing
Software used: Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Ableton Live

2016 - 2017

Sound Effects Design for PC Game

Studied functions of actions and personalities of 6 characters
Created sound effects for each character's multiple individualistic actions
Software used: Pro Tools, Digital Perfomer

Sound Effects for PC game Spaera, Blazing Orb