// limited edition release of 100 cassettes —
Vague Pure Affection

- Bimodal Press

”With Vague Pure Affection, Amma Ateria externalizes a daydream futurism, investigating the physical interior polarity sparked from childhood experiences of close-ranged aircrafts from rooftops adjacent to Hong Kong’s airport.

Vielä explores the coexistence of softness and violence, entering states of stillness from overwhelming air pressure in meshes with binaural beats. Lightly breaks into an alarm state, while underlying orchestral screams in 1882 refers to the women of the 2nd dimension going to church in novella ‘Flatland’. The rhythmic patterns of industrial machines in Kone, realized during her time of isolation in Finland, expands the mechanical theme.

Departures is a minimalistic farewell with depictions of flight and ambient continuity carrying one and other, as the notion of being lifted translates to a sense of grounding in Gravitations. Vague Pure Affection is an intimate portrait of longing, reflections, and the notion of time, composed through transforming the deafening of noise into meditative stance, revealed through elements of movement, reconstruction, restraint, and the physicality of memory.”

“My father used to bring me to different residential rooftops to count the stars, it was the first time I understood the concept of infinity and repetition... At landing, the aircrafts flew incredibly close above, I thought I could touch them as it takes over my vision...The comforting distance of the night sky and the intense noise of the airplanes, it was deafening and thrilling at once. I can still remember these feelings, that physicality of loudness, expanded my innate threshold of fear and pleasure. These feelings has stuck with me forever and shaped my way of seeing...”

Released 2019


waves after waves

I meet a similar phase of myself again and again

the portal I search for

is wider than I can remember