Jeanie AprIlle Tang

Examining the beauty of noise and modulation at the intersection of musique concrète, sound design, and behavioral science.

I. Compositions in experimental dialogue 2017 - 2018

From a collection of sonic pieces I have composed, recorded, edited, and mixed, utilizing the melodic quality of the human voice and sentient syllables in languages, modulated and intertwined with electronic and acoustic sonic frequencies.
Software used: Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Ableton Live

noise REduction + Sound Editing for interviews

Extracted audio from provided video recordings
Performed overall noise reduction
Equalized voice to blend in with environment
Kadist, Paris
2013 - 2015

II. Compositions for films

III. Sound Effects Design for PC Game SPAERA

Sound Design for 7 characters to enhance individualistic traits and movements, play menu, and moving structure. 
Each character have 4 distinctive movements with different purposes, my objective is to study each character's animations and the goal of each movement's function. I created and assigned sonic palettes to each character according to their fictional background, sypnosis, and traits. With close attention to their changing states, I implemented sound designs into the animations with focus in the relationships between motion, sound, space, timing, precise durations, and effectiveness. 

Software used: Pro Tools, Digital Performer

ORB                      SOFT WIND                                       BLADE               

MENU                                               CLEAR

Magical & Lighthearted


dark & glowING

Electric & FLoating

Aquatic & Mechanical