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Fl.amma.ble  M.ateria.l


AMMA ATERIA aka Jeanie Aprïlle Tang is an audio visual artist + electro-acoustic composer/improviser based in Oakland, California. Born in Hong Kong, she gravitates to rhythms of construction sites, roaming traffic, inaudible conversations, and airplanes. Natural and synthetic worlds are the polar opposites in her sonic practice. Sounds that distort the cognition of natural occurrences, such as the eruption of wind, metal, water, and the sounds of underwater movements, collide with the velocity, frequencies, timbres, pitches, distances, and rhythms of metallic constructions, motors, and speech.  A former student of behavioral science, her practice in sound consists of cross-modal synesthetic influences from the contemporary moment, as well as synopsis and identity assignments from geometric perspectives. With field recordings of different environments, the illusion of spaces, unnatural entering, exiting, and transitions are created, with modulations and blending of synthetic timbre and frequencies. Her instrument is a collection of individual acoustic objects and electronic hardware. Her interests are slow wave, new colour, irregular heartbeats, and circuitry. Studied at Mills College with focus in music composition, audio engineering, media technology. 


late sleeper. insomnia. romania. romanticia.  

“you never sleep anymore.“ 

“no, i only love the sunrise. therefore, i stay wide awake.”

the eye, the eyes(!)hollowed.

there i lay to guard the room as it glows from the dark.

in times of these, the past, the now, future, all poured into the same cup.

drink. spit out.


夜睡. 失眠. 愛日出.




過去, 現在, 未來,


drink. spit out.




The flowers die in the burning fire... 

this is the notion of time

Amma Ateria    [electronics]
Nava Dunkelman [Percussion]

Mirroring. Constraint. Release. Flowers. Echoes. Speech. Noise.

Through restraint and release, the electro-­percussion duo of Amma Ateria and Nava Dunkelman explores distortions of time with their array of metallic nature. Their sound marches forth with space-expanding densities to brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by beautification in between. IMA have performed and collaborated with avant-garde pioneers John Zorn, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori and many others.

Amma Ateria (a.k.a. Jeanie Aprille Tang) is an audiovisual artist and electro­acoustic composer. Born in Hong Kong, she gravitates to rhythms of construction sites, roaming traffic, inaudible conversations, and airplanes. Her instrument is a collection of electronic hardware and plexiglass.

Nava Dunkelman is a percussionist and improviser based in the Bay Area. Born in Tokyo, Nava’s musical interests span the globe from Japanese taiko to Indonesian gamelan, from classical to contemporary to the avant­ grade.  


Feb 1, 2017
IMA @ Starline Social CLub 
Oakland, CA


Feb 4, 2017
IMA @ Tiny Telephone
Oakland, CA


Feb 10, 2017
That Hideous Strength
Live sound to film Pandora's Box
Space 151 @ 151 Portrero Ave
San Francisco, CA


Feb 16, 2017
IMA @ Night Light 
Oakland, CA


FEB 23, 2017
Piano in the Arts: Beyond the Piano
w/ Evelyn Davis.
Armstrong Fine Arts Auditorium.
Armstrong State University, VA




DEC 13-18, 2016
The Stone. IMA.
New York, NY.


DEC 13, 2016
The Stone. New York, NY
IMA + Brian Chase + Chuck Bettis
Brian Chase    (drums)
Chuck Bettis   (electronics)
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)
Amma Ateria    (electronics)


DEC 14, 2016
The Stone. New York, NY
IMA + Shayna Dunkelman + Ava Mendoza
Shayna Dunkelman (drums)
Ava Mendoza      (guitar)
Nava Dunkelman   (percussion)
Amma Ateria      (electronics)

DEC 15, 2016
8 pm
IMA + John Zorn + Ikue Mori
John Zorn      (sax)
Ikue Mori      (electronics)
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)
Amma Ateria    (electronics)

DEC 16, 2016
8 pm
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)
Amma Ateria    (electronics)

DEC 17, 2016
8 pm
IMA + Erik Friedlander + Pauchi Sasaki
Erik Friedlander (cello)
Pauchi Sasaki    (violin)
Nava Dunkelman   (percussion)
Amma Ateria      (electronics)

DEC 18, 2016
8 pm
IMA + Annie Lewandowski + Zeena Parkins
Annie Lewandowski (piano)
Zeena Parkins     (electric harp)
Nava Dunkelman    (percussion)
Amma Ateria       (electronics)

10 pm
Michael Nicolas + IMA TRIO
Michael Nicolas (cello)
Nava Dunkelman  (percussion)
Amma Ateria     (electronics)


OCT 30, 2016
w/ Bonie Jones & IMA
Suzanne Thrope

Pro Arts Gallery.
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland


SEP 16, 2016
Danishta Rivero
Amma Ateria
Leila Abdul

Adobe Books.
3130 24th street, SF


SEP 8, 2016
San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
The Exploratorium, SF


MAY 26, 2016 
IMA @ Starline Social Club
Oakland, CA


MAR 13, 2016
Muted Cinema: Maya Deren Tribute.


FEB 9, 2016   
Hemlock Tarven. SF


DEC 18, 2015     
Land and Sea. Oakland, CA


Dec 13-18, 2016
The Stone.
New York, NY


SEP 24-27, 2015  
17th Annual
High Zero Festival of Experimental Music.
Baltimore, Maryland.


NOV 21, 2015  
Vernacular Visions
w/ Tania Chen, Jacob Felix Heule, Lisa Mezzacappa. @ Center for New Music, SF


NOV 10, 2015     
Active Music Series @ Omni,Oakland. IMA.


OCT 17, 2015     
Mills Music Now. Dapplegray.


JUN 20, 2015     
IMA. Life Changing Ministry. Oakland, CA


Jun 13, 2015     
IMA. MA Series.


Jul 11, 2015   
MUTED CINEMA: A Maya Deren Tribute 

May 27-29, 2015  
Marisas by Amelia Saul. Wooster Group Performing Garage.
New York, NY


Apr 18, 2015     
Noise Pancakes. San Francisco, CA


Mar 29  2015     
Studio Grand. Oakland, CA


Feb 19, 2015     
IMA. Second Act.
San Francisco, CA 


Feb 19, 2015    
Kitsune for Seduction.
w/Lady Samar
San Francisco Asian Art Museum.


Feb 27, 2015     
Call and Response. London, UK


Oct  4, 2015   
w/ Jason Hoopes.
Center for New Music. San Francisco, CA


Oct 15, 2014    
Dapplegray. Berkeley Arts Festival.


Oct 27, 2014     
Decoding Phonogrpahy. Duende. Oakland.


Sep 18, 2014   
IMA. Trans Pecos. New York, NY


Sep 15, 2014    
w/ John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Nava Dunkelman, and others. The Stone. New  York, NY.


Sep 13, 2014    
Le Cagibi. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Sep 11, 2014    
Array Music Gallery.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Oct 13, 2014    
IMA. The Church. 1038 24th Street. Oakland.


Aug 10, 2014    
WAKES. w/ Zachary J Watkins. The TERMINAL.


JUL 26, 2014    
IMA. LCM. Oakland, CA


JUL 19, 2014    
IMA. Salt Lick. Oakland, CA


JUL 14, 2014    
Dapplegray. Duende. Oakland, CA


JUL  3, 2014    
WAKES w/ Zachary J Watkins. LCM. Oakland, CA


JUL 26, 2014    
Luna Ensemble. The Luggage Store. SF, CA


MAY 21, 2014    
Dapplegray. El Rio, SF, CA


APR  4, 2014    
Bar Kuka. Turku, Finland


MAR  7, 2014    
ATA Films.


MAR  6, 2014    
VOZZT. Duende. Oakland, CA


FEB 16, 2014     
Dapplegray. Berkeley Arts Festival


FEB 15, 2014     
Beautiful Noise Series.
Life Changing Ministry, CA     


FEB  1, 2014     
Project Artaud / Studio 218.   
2800 Mariposa, SF. 


DEC 13, 2013     
THE ORCHESTRA OF FUTURIST NOISE INTONER w/Luciano Chessa and His Intonarumori.
Berkeley Art Museum, CA 


DEC  8, 2013     
w/ Christopher Luna’s Ensemble. 
Berkeley Arts Festival. Berkeley.


NOV 25, 2013     
Dapplegray. The Knockout. SF.


NOV 10, 2013     
In Progress: Without Us. Inkboat.


OCT 23, 2013     
IMA. Berkeley Arts Festival. Berkeley, CA

OCT 20, 2013     
IMA Bindlestiff, San Francisco, CA


OCT 19, 2013  
SLOW | SLOW. w/ Bouche Mandela. 
The Foundry, Berkeley, CA  

OCT 10, 2013  
Dapplegray. The Luggage Store.
San Francisco. 


STP 28, 2013  
End Never End. w/ Shinichi Iova-Koga.


SRP 15,  2013    
w/ Dapplegray. Musicians Union Hall, 116 9th St @ Mission, SF


SRP.  4, 2013    
w/ Yaman Palak. Silent Barn.
Brooklyn, New York, NY. 


SEP 2, 2013       

w/ John Zorn (sax)
Ikue Mori (electronics)
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)
Cyro Baptista (percussion)
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)  
Uri Gurvich (sax)
Erik Friedlander (cello)
Fred Sherry (cello)
Chuck Bettis (electronics)
and many special guests


AUG 30, 2013     
w/ Fred Frith & Nava Dunkelman. The Stone.


AUG 26, 2013     
IMA .  Amnesia, San Francisco.


AUG 18, 2013    
Noise Pancakes.The Lab.
San Francisco, CA.   


OCT 10, 2013
Dapplegray. The Luggage Store.
San Francisco.


SEP 28, 2013    
End Never End. w/ Shinichi Iova-Koga.  


MAY 26, 2013     
w/ Evelyn Davis. Berkeley Arts Festival. Berkeley, CA


MAY 11, 2013     
w/ Pauchi Sasaki.
The Foundry, Berkeley, CA. 


MAY  4, 2013     
Lacrosse by John Zorn. w/ Dapplegray. Performance Collective. Mills College.


APR  6, 2013     
X-SOUND Festival. Mills College. Oakland, CA


MAR 11, 2013     
IMA w/ Nava Dunkelman. 
The Lab, 2948 16th Street, SF


FEB  1, 2013     
ATTO PLAIN. Beautiful Noise Series.
The Lab, 2948 16th Street, SF.


DEC 16, 2012    
Musicians Union Hall. 
116 9th St @ Mission, SF.


DEC 11, 2012     
Hockey by John Zorn. w/ Dapplegray.  
Mills College.                        

NOV 18, 2012     
Shinichi Iova-Koga. w/ Nava Dunkelman. 

Dance Mission Theatre, SF.


NOV 16-17,2012    
Shinichi Iova-Koga. w/ Nava Dunkelman. 
Lisser Hall, Mills College.


OCT9, 2012     
Seems an Eternity, by Benjamin Tinker.
The Uptown, Oakland, CA.


SEP 13, 2012     
The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA


AUG 26, 2012     
ATTO PLAIN. The Lab, San Francisco, CA


AUG 25, 2012     
Berkeley Arts Festival Gallery, Berkeley, CA


JUL 20, 2012     
Seems an Eternity, Benjamin Tinker. 
Outsound New Music Summit. SF


JUN 26, 2012     
Dapplegray. The Stone, New York, NY


MAY 17, 2012     
Dapplegray. The Luggage Store.
San Francisco, CA


APR 13, 2010     
Sonic Exquisite Corpse. 
SoundFjord, London, UK.



DEC 13-18, 2016 
Artist in Residence. IMA. The Stone. New York, NY


MAR-MAY 2014
Artist in Residence
Titanik. Turku, Finland


JUN-JUL 2013
Artist in Residence. 
SOArt, Millstättersee, Austria.


APR 1, 2014

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For booking / collaboration / inquiries

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Photo: The Trap Set

Photo: The Trap Set

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Brian Chase + Chuck Bettis + IMA
12/13  Tuesday

An explosive quartet kicks off night one with double electronic musicians and double percussionists. Drummer BRIAN CHASE of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the eclectic electronist CHUCK BETTIS (Snake Union, Mossenek) doubles its forces with electro-percussion duo IMA, the stark electronist AMMA ATERIA and fierce yet atmospheric percussion by NAVA DUNKELMAN. An introduction channeled by the brinks of beauty and breakage with space expanding frequencies.

Photo: Alex Pine

Photo: Alex Pine

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

12/14  WEDnesday

New York's pioneering virtuoso percussionist SHAYNA DUNKELMAN of Xiu Xiu, and exceptional cutting edge abstractionist guitarist AVA MENDOZA of Unnatural Ways, joins the cinematic time warping sound space of dark and beautiful places with IMA, the stark electronic expansions of AMMA ATERIA and fierce yet atmospheric percussionist, NAVA DUNKELMAN.

Photo: Chad Batka

Photo: Chad Batka

JOHN zorn + Ikue Mori + IMA

The prolific and profound JOHN ZORN, composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, founder of Tzadik, MacArthur Fellowship Genius Grant recipient, joins forces with IMA, the heart threnching and shoving electro-percussion duo, the stark electronics by AMMA ATERIA and the fierce yet atmospheric percussionist, NAVA DUNKELMAN. Completing the quartet, is Zorn's long time collaborator IKUE MORI, laptop pioneer and New York's downtown cult figure, one of the most important musicians working in the field of electronics. Her highly unique sound world is known and respected by musicians everywhere.   

Photo: Mido Lee

Photo: Mido Lee

The Flowers Die in the Burning Fire, This is the Notion of Time.
12/16 FRIDAY

Premiered at The Exploratorium in Sept. 2016 San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. The titled piece is the cinematic compositions of haunting beauty and violence by IMA, the electro - ­percussion duo of AMMA ATERIA and NAVA DUNKELMAN. The duo explores distortions of time through forces of restraint and release. Their dailogue and array of metallic nature marches forth with space-expanding densities to the brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by beautification in between. Collaborated with and selected by John Zorn as December 2016 Artist in Residence, IMA have also performed with Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, William Winant, and many others. 

Photo: Angelo Merendino

Photo: Angelo Merendino


Prominent musical figure cellist ERIK FRIEDLANDER is one of the most important musicians on his respective instrument within jazz, New Music, and the ever vital Downtown scene of New York. His unpredictable expressions and approach to musical communications will meet on this night the avant garde electronic violinist PAUCHI SASAKI, traveling all the way from Peru, she is also the recipient of the 2016 Rolex Mentorship with Philip Glass. IMA is the duo of AMMA ATERIA on space expanding electronics that tests the brinks of polarity of the stark and lightness, as well as the fierce yet atmospheric percussionist NAVA DUNKELMAN. Members of IMA has performed with FRIEDLANDER and SASAKI individually, the journey here will be full of cinematic sparks.

Photo: Peter B Kaars

Photo: Peter B Kaars

Photo: Gaby Wolodarski

Photo: Gaby Wolodarski

12/18 SUNDAY

The Grand Finale: Renowned harpist ZEENA PARKINS, the pioneer of contemporary harp, who reimagined her instrument as a "sound machine of limitless capacity" and extended the language of the acoustic harp with the inventive use of unusual playing techniques and layers of electronic processing. She is a sought-after collaborator of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Björk, and many others. ANNIE LEWANDOWSKI aka Powerdove is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist, whose work has situated her between the worlds of improvisation and rock music. Both extraordinary musicsians will join IMA, the space expanding, stark and striking electronics of AMMA ATERIA, and the hauntingly fierce yet atmospheric percussion of NAVA DUNKELMAN.